Occupational Therapy

Administrative Bridging/RTW Program

A specific, and intensive Return To Work (RTW) program that is recommended for an individual who is medically fit for a return to sedentary/adminstrative work, but multiple and/or secondary factors such  (cognitive endurance, fatigue, anxiety, positional tolerances and ergonomics) which pose significant barriers to a successful RTW transition.   This program is ideal for a medically fit individual who has been off for 3 months or more and expresses that they are not ready for the cognitive component of their job. Composed of 2 distinct phases which seamlessly bridge the RTW process.

  • a preparation phase, which addresses identified barriers in a simulated work environment
  • a transition phase, which provides the returning employees with onsite coaching and monitoring

This program will provide the individual with support, education and the opportunity to learn, practice and integrate new work behaviors during their transition to the workplace.  Participation in this 2-part program will ensure a smooth RTW by assisting the individual to:

  • re-establish work routines and structure
  • develop work stamina/positional tolerances
  • improve concentration, memory, and organization
  • regain/improve work skills (such as keyboarding, computer use
  • integrate new healthy physical and psychological behaviors into work activities